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Saturday Field Sessions & Events

Saturday, June 4, 2022 | 6 AM-10 PM

The address for our outdoor seminar site is:

Loess Hills Wildlife Management Area

178th St. & Oak Ave

Castana, IA

(On Google Maps, type in "Loess Hills Prairie Seminar Campsite")

For our indoor events this evening, please come to:

Onawa Community Center

320 10th St

Onawa, IA​

Please click the button below for more information about workshop facilitators/speakers and in-depth event descriptions.

Saturday Field Sessions & Events: Services


PLEASE NOTE: This information is still being updated & finalized. All events are subject to change.

6-7 AM

Birding Walk for All Ages - Mark, Ed, and Lee Brogie

Meet at the campground parking lot for a short bird walk. Some binoculars are provided.

7-8 AM

Yoga - Amanda Rush

Enjoy a morning yoga class in the heart of the Loess Hills.

7-8 AM


First come, first serve. We will provide yogurt, granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, and pastries and coffee from Downtown Coffee and Cream.

8:15-10:10 AM

Breakout Session 1

  • Bird Tour by Auto - Sessions 1 & 2 (with option to return to camp at 10:15 AM) - Ed, Mark, & Lee Brogie [short walk/driving, hands on, all ages]

  • Turin Man Discovery Tour - Sessions 1 & 2 - Ron Butler [drive/short hike, all ages]  

  • Woody Plants for Beginners - Brian Hazlett [short walk, all ages]

  • Loess Hills Bryophytes - Bill Zales [short walk, youth/older students & adults]

  • Nature Awareness & the Art of Mentoring - Chuck Hopp [stay in camp, short walk, all ages/kid-friendly, hands on]

  • Lewis & Clark in the Loess Hills - Dennis Leonard [stay in camp, all ages]

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Dr. Tom Rosburg & Averie Miller [short walk, hands on, all ages]

  • Prairie Photography - Don Poggensee [short walk, hands on, children over 12 & adults]

  • Loess Hills Habitats & Birds: How Does Management Impact Species Composition? - Anna Buckhardt & Doug Chafa [long walk, hands on, all ages]

10:15 AM - 12:10 PM

Breakout Session 2

  • Auto Bird Tour - Sessions 1 & 2 (with option to return to camp at 10:15AM) - Ed, Mark, & Lee Brogie [drive/short walk, hands on, all ages]

  • Climb/Hike Turin Hill - Sessions 1 & 2 - Ron Butler [drive/short hike, all ages]

  • Amphibians & Reptiles of the Loess Hills - Dan Fogell [stay at camp, hands on, kid-friendly/all ages] 

  • The 1820 Route of Stephen Watts Kearny through Iowa - Larry Grill & Glenn Pollock [stay at camp, all ages]

  • Let’s Make a Loess Hills Prairie Seminar Video I - Tom Schoening [stay at camp, hands on, older students/adults]

  • Growing Your Relationship with Creation - Michael Wandbi Gdeska O'Connor (Spotted Eagle) [stay at camp, youth/older students & adults]

  • Loess Hills Mammals - Bill Zales [stay at camp, all ages, hands on]

  • Who’s Your Neighbor? A Plant’s-Eye View of the Prairie - Deb Lewis [short walk, hands on, youth/older students & adults]

  • Digital Images - Don Poggensee [stay at camp, youth/older students & adults]

  • Primitive Hunting Tools: Atlatl - Tyler Flammang & Shayne Bennett [stay at camp, hands on, youth/older students & adults]

  • Insect Safari - Kari Sandage & Intern [short walk, hands on, all ages/kid-friendly]

12:15-1:10 PM


Loaded baked potato bar by Stacie at Ada J's

1:15-4 PM

Breakout Session 3

  • Let’s Make a Loess Hills Prairie Seminar Video Part II (Loess Hills WMA and Onawa Community Center) - Tom Schoening [hands on, older students & adults]

  • Kayaking & Fishing in the Loess Hills (Madigan Pond) - Andrea Porter, Katie Hoeppner, and/or Josh Schaben and/or Tyler Ruge [drive/short walk, hands on, all ages]

  • Introduction to Archery - Butch Bowman & Cheryl Buntsma [stay at camp, hands on, youth/older students & adults]

  • Persuasive Writing on Behalf of Natural Resources - Larry Stone & Karen Grimes [stay at camp, older students & adults]

  • Half Session 1:15-2:45PM: Whooo’s There? - Connie Betts [stay at camp, hands on, all ages/kid-friendly]

  • Half Session 2:45-4PM: Insects--The Art & Science of Observation - Amy Plettner [short walk, hands on, all ages/kid-friendly]

  • The Hidden Past of the South Jordan Cemetery (drive to cemetery) - Judy Ehlers [drive/short walk, older students & adults]

  • Tuuli Farm Pasture Walk - Stennie Nelson [drive/long walk, hands on, all ages]

  • Prairie Flora of the Loess Hills - Dr. Tom Rosburg [long walk, hands on, older students & adults]

4:15 PM

Travel for Dinner

Dinner at the Onawa Community Center.

4:30-6 PM


Catering provided by JUGGS BBQ in Onawa, IA

5-6 PM

Doors Open for Evening Offerings

Bid on items in our silent auction to support LHPS. View exhibits and vendor booths.

6-8:30 PM

Children's Programs

  • 6-6:45 PM: Prehistoric Life of the Loess Hills - Ron Butler

  • 6:45-7:30 PM: Activity Session - YMCA

  • 7:30-8:20 PM: Animals of the Prairie - Chuck Hopp

  • 7:30-8:20 PM: My Patchwork Prairie - Northwest Iowa Group Sierra Club

6 PM


Larry Stone will introduce our second evening of speaking events.

6:05-6:30 PM

“On Common Ground”: A Multidisciplinary Convergence in Iowa’s Northern Loess Hills - Brian Hazlett

By convening artists, writers, and naturalists to share space and stories, “On Common Ground” intends to promote the stewardship of Iowa’s Loess Hills by fostering greater awareness of and appreciation for this exceptional natural landscape through print and digital media while exemplifying how place-based experience invigorates collaboration among the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences.

6:35-7 PM

2022 LHPS Video Viewing

Tom Schoening will share video content that his sessions' attendees and he co-created to reflect this year's seminar experience.

7-7:15 PM


Final bidding for silent auction, which concludes at 7:15 PM.

7:15-8 PM

Keynote: “Healing the Wild”: A Celebration of the Preservation Work of Marlene Ehresman, Iowa Wildlife Center - Debra Marquart

For over three decades, Marlene Ehresman has worked in prairie restoration and in conservation in the state of Iowa with organizations such as the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and the Iowa Wildlife Center, which she now runs as the sole staff member, overseeing the work of dozens of volunteers to fulfill the IWC’s mission of rescue, care, and education. Join us for this profile of Ms. Ehresman’s work and celebration of her years of commitment to conservation and preservation.

8 PM

Closing Remarks and Thank You

Parents, please pick up your children from our children’s programming at this time.

9 PM

Campground Activities - Ron Butler & Walt Peterson

Join us back at the LHPS campsite for nighttime activities, music, & s'mores!

9-10 PM

Frogs and Toads of the Loess Hills and Vicinity - Dan Fogell

Description to come.

10 PM

Campsite Quiet Hours Begin

LHPS offerings will resume on Sunday at 6 AM.

Saturday Field Sessions & Events: Schedule
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